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(Also Known As: APD Research, Social Inhibition Research, Personality Disorder Research)

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The Difference of Avoidant Personality Disorder with Social Anxiety Disorder

Symptoms of avoidant personality disorder and social anxiety disorder, in many ways, are alike but there are differences that can distinguish one from the other, like the severity of manifestations of the disorder compared to the other one. Although, there are only some differences when it comes to symptoms of people having APD and SAD that can make a distinction, according to a research.

The main worry of people with APD is rejection, ridicule and humiliation resulting in a variety of symptoms that are more severe than SAD. And usually, people with this kind of disorder affect their work performance, especially when needing to interact with other coworkers or clients. 12

Avoidant Personality Disorder And Borderline Personality Disorder

There is also a study done that shows patients with avoidant personality disorder and borderline personality disorder are both reported to have low self-esteem, but there is a significant difference in terms of self-esteem level. Patient with APD have lower confidence in his or herself than with BPD. 13

Theorists have suggested that people with a combination of features from borderline personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder be identified as avoidant-borderline mixed personality (APD/BPD). 14

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