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People having avoidant personality disorder will be hesitant to join in a group therapy because of their fear that they will be rejected and disliked by the people inside the group. It can be assumed that there are not any self-help support groups or communities that can help an individual with APD, because this kind of method will not be effective for them as they will not want to attend sessions that involve social interaction because of their anxiety of meeting new people. 17 However, knowing that this setting is controlled and safe for them, that they are all sharing the same fears, it would be better for them to join these support groups to share their fears and thoughts to conquer their social anxieties. Also, to boost consciousness with his or her surroundings, the social skills training can also be integrated into group therapy. 18 With the thought that individuals with avoidant personality disorder long for relationships, exposure to group therapy can make a major change in their condition. A treatment like this needs support and encouragement from the parents and the people whom he or she trusts to help them prepare to join this kind of group. When choosing a treatment for APD, one should consider the needs of an individual. Different individuals with APD have different needs. One example of these is those who were victims of incest. It would be more helpful for them if the people in the group have the same background as theirs. (Stone, 1993, p. 357) This will make them feel that they are not the only one who experiences that kind of cruelty.


This site has been created to help individuals with APD find and help each other. People with avoidant personality disorder can chat and meet new friends online to share their experiences, leave messages on the board, and find useful information about APD.

Yahoo Groups

This is an online community for people with some forms of personality disorders where members offer support and help to each other.

Avoidant Personality Group

This site offers message board that give support, encouragement and discussion for sufferers of AvPD, social phobia, agoraphobia, anxiety, GAD, schizoid tendencies, OCD's, depression related to avoidance.

Avoidant Groups

A place where avoidants (APD or AvPD) meet to discuss, connect, explore, share, challenge, lament, encourage, and support one another in a safe place.

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