Asperger's Syndrome Symptoms

(Also Known As: Aspergers Syndrome Symptoms, Asperger’s Disorder Symptoms, Asperger Syndrome Symptoms, Autism Symptoms, Autistic Symptoms, Aspergers Symptoms, Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome?

The following are the common symptoms that are typically manifested by asperger’s syndrome. 1

  • Inappropriate or minimal social interactions
  • Conversations almost always revolving around self rather than others “scripted," robotic, or repetitive speech
  • Lack of common sense
  • Problems with reading, math, or writing skills
  • Obsession with complex topics such as patterns or music
  • Average to below-average nonverbal cognitive abilities, though verbal cognitive abilities are usually average to above-average
  • Awkward movements
  • Odd behaviors or mannerisms
  • There is no delay in language development, unlike autism
  • Good grammatical ability, with advanced vocabulary at an early age.
  • Difficulty of using language in a social context.
  • There is no delay in cognitive development
  • Sometimes has difficulty with attention span and organization deficits
  • Mostly have an average intelligence or higher.

Could You Have Asperger's Syndrome?

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