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Asperger's Syndrome Support Groups

Individuals with asperger’s syndrome, across all levels of functioning, will benefit from a sense of community with other “Aspies”. They can share insights, coping tips and strategies. They can also unite to plan and lead campaigns to promote social awareness about asperger’s syndrome. For the parents of children with asperger’s syndrome, a social support group of other parents can be a wellspring of hope, inspiration, and motivation in helping their child manage the syndrome. This will also be useful in sharing helpful information regarding available services, effective trainings, recommended schools, etc. In general, they can help each other cope with the emotional difficulties associated with caring for a child with asperger’s syndrome. The following organizations are available to provide support for people affected by asperger’s syndrome:

Wrong Planet

Wrong Planet is an online community designed for individuals (and their parents) with autism, asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, PDDs, and other neurological differences.

ANSWER Aspergers Network Support

ANSWER is a non-profit organization founded by two families whose children have aperger’s syndrome. The provide support information and services for people and families affected by asperger’s.

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