Anxiety Disorder NOS Suggestions

(Also Known As: Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Suggestions, Adjustment Disorder Suggestions, Anxiety Disorder Suggestions, Social Anxiety Disorder Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Anxiety Disorder NOS

It is normal to worry about certain things in life especially when under a stressful condition. Anxiety is our body’s normal response to danger and is activated in response to threat. Being anxious can be a way of making us feel alert and focused and motivates us to solve problems. It only becomes a distressing condition once it interferes with the person’s capability to function, affects their relationships, and when the person’s anxiety response is inappropriate to the stimulus. This is when anxiety crosses from the border of normal anxiety to anxiety disorder. There are different forms of anxiety disorder including those that fall under the category of anxiety disorder NOS. But all share the same common symptoms of irrational fear and anxiety which must be controlled and treated before it falls into a more chronic state that could lead to depression, mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions. It is important to learn how to relax and practice rational mental hygiene in order to control the anxiety attacks. Self help coping strategies are helpful, but you must seek professional help in order to undergo thorough examination and assessment to determine other medical conditions that might trigger your anxiety symptoms. Proper treatment will be optimized once an accurate diagnosis is made including other underlying pathogenesis that may cause your anxiety.

Could You Have Anxiety Disorder NOS?

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