Anxiety Disorder NOS

(Also Known As: Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, Adjustment Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What is Anxiety Disorder NOS?

Anxiety Disorder is perhaps the most common emotional disorder affecting the general population. Anxiety Disorder is characterized by intense fear and anxiety that is abnormal and inappropriate for the stimulus—not warranting such a reaction. 1 A person experiencing Anxiety Disorder will likely have an increased heart rate, an acute sense of focus on noises, and tensed muscles. These symptoms are the body’s normal reaction caused by the Sympathetic Nervous System (i.e. the fight or flight response) in preparation to protect itself from danger. However in Anxiety Disorder, these symptoms become a problem since the body’s response is not appropriate to the stimulus.

The following are the different types of anxiety disorders:

When a person manifests symptoms of Anxiety that do not belong to any of the above specific types of Anxiety Disorders, the diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder NOS is given. Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) is diagnosed for symptoms of Anxiety or adjustment disorder with Anxiety Disorder or mixed Anxiety and depressed mood. 2 When a person shows a form of Anxiety or phobic avoidance that does not meet the criteria of any of the Anxiety Disorders, the condition is diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder NOS being a residual category in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder Fourth Edition with a DSM Code of 300.00.

Examples of disorders that belong to the category of Anxiety Disorder NOS are: 3

  • Adjustment disorder with anxiety
  • Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety
  • Depressed mood

Could You Have Anxiety Disorder NOS?

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