Antisocial Personality Disorder Suggestions

(Also Known As: Borderline Personality Disorder Suggestions, Personality Disorder Suggestions, Bipolar Suggestions, Antisocial Suggestions, Psychopathy Suggestions, Sociopath Suggestions, Sociopathic Personality Disorder Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Antisocial Personality Disorder


With someone who has antisocial personality disorder, it could be very difficult to handle this situation. In addition to treatment, here are some of the tips and suggestions that might help you with your condition.

  1. It is necessary if you are in therapy, to not skip a session. The role of a family member or loved one is also important in encouraging the patient to attend the therapy session. But most importantly, you must hang in there, even if you don’t like to attend your therapy session.
  2. Don’t stop medication unless you are advised to so. Even if you feel like you don’t have any symptoms of antisocial personality disorder at all, there is a possibility that symptoms may come back and you might experience withdrawal-like symptoms, especially if you abruptly stop taking the medications. It is also advisable that you stick on the dosage that has been prescribed to you and not to take a higher dosage especially if you think this will speed the recovery.
  3. Getting the right knowledge and information about your condition will help you become motivated to continue your treatment.
  4. Study yourself to know what might prompt your symptoms to cause destructive behavior that will harm the people around you. Cooperating with your therapist will prevent you from recurring symptoms, so it is important that you contact them if you feel there are any changes in your symptoms. Setting a plan on what to do if the symptoms reoccur will help you as well.
  5. Getting the right exercise will aid you to handle symptoms of many mental disorders such as depression, stress and anxiety. Plus, it will also prevent you from many side effects of medications such as weight gain.
  6. Control yourself from drinking alcohol or taking illicit drugs which will worsen much of your condition.
  7. Don’t skip any scheduled checkups with your doctor or healthcare professional to examine your condition. It is a must that one should not neglect this, especially if you are not feeling fine as there may be another problem that needs attention, or possible side effects of the medication you are taking. The doctor can then reevaluate the medication and stop or change it as needed.

Could You Have Antisocial Personality Disorder?

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