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(Also Known As: Anorexia Research, Eating Disorder Research, Self Starvation Research, Unhealthy Dieting Research, Anorexic Research, Binge Eating Research)

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Perfectionism is seen to be a maladaptive trait which is related to several psychological disorders. Perfectionism seems to play a huge role in the lives of people with eating disorders. Persons with eating disorders (like anorexia and bulimia) are seen to have personalities which are intrinsically perfectionist. 6 This is confirmed by a study which found that people suffering from anorexia nervosa had significantly higher levels of perfectionism compared to people who did not have the disorder. 7

A study on parental psychological control and eating disorders suggests that there is a relationship between maladaptive perfectionism in psychological parental control and eating disorders, and that people who have eating disorders experienced higher levels or degrees of paternal (not maternal) psychological control. 8


On November of 2008, Radiological Society of North America revealed that children and teenagers suffering from even mild cases of anorexia showed abnormal bone structure—confirming that one of the medical problems associated with anorexia nervosa is bone loss. 9

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