Amnestic Disorder Symptoms

(Also Known As: Memory Loss Symptoms, Senility Symptoms, Amnesia Symptoms, Alcohol Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Amnestic Disorder?

Amnestic Disorder’s major symptom consists of memory retention and recall. The person has the difficulty in remembering past information and events accompanied with disorientation as to time, place and day. Those with amnestic disorder commonly are unaware that they have this disorder thus have lack of insights with their memory loss. Others who may be aware of their disorder often are emotionally unattached with their condition. The condition can also turn its victim to be apathetic and bland which can lead to some personality changes.

Those with amnestic disorder also engage in making confabulated statements where they will fill in blank memories with false information to cover the gap of their memory within a specific period of events.

Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) may also occur, which usually lasts only a brief period of hours. Creating new memories and learning new information may be difficult during this period resulting in a bewildering condition and confused state of the person with amnestic disorder.

Could You Have Amnestic Disorder?

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