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(Also Known As: Memory Loss Research, Senility Research, Amnesia Research, Alcohol Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder Research)

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The Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan conducted a study on the neural mechanism involved in dissociative amnesia. They used MRI to investigate the neural activity associated with memory retrieval in two patients with dissociative amnesia. They used three face photographs under three categories of people names that correspond to the photograph: one is recognizable high school friends, the other is unrecognizable colleague who is acquainted with but unrecognizable to the patient due to their memory impairment and the other is control distracters who were unacquainted with the patients. The outcome of the findings showed evidence that memory repression in dissociative amnesia is associated with altered pattern of neural activity. It also highly suggests that there is the possibility that the pFC plays an important role in inhibiting the hippocampus activity in memory repression. 8


Chu JA et a. of the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Program of McLean Hospital, Blemot, USA conducted a research study with the objective to investigate the relationship between self-reported childhood abuse and amnesia and dissociative symptoms. Participants completed the measuring instruments used to measure the dissociative symptoms and elicit details that concern childhood physical and sexual abuse and witnessing abuse. They also underwent interviews that ask about amnesia for traumatic experiences, role of suggestion in recovered memories, circumstances of recovered memory and independent corroboration of the memories. Outcome of the study revealed any type of childhood abuse demonstrated elevated symptoms levels of dissociative amnesia as compared to subjects who did not report abuse. There is higher dissociative symptoms and amnesia that are correlated with early age onset of physical and sexual abuse. 9

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