Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

(Also Known As: Alzheimers Disease Diagnosis, Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, Alzheimers Diagnosis, Dementia Diagnosis)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

How is Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease usually happens in a clinical setting, requiring medical attention, review of the patient’s medical and social history, and the aid of advance brain scanning technology. A medical check up called an Alzheimer’s Disease work up is necessary for a correct diagnosis and also to rule out other possible explanations such as alcohol abuse, brain tumor, drug interactions, emotional problems, trauma, etc. 6 The patient usually seeks medical help and thus is diagnosed during the Moderate stage of the disease.

It is recommended for persons who suspect that they have Alzheimer’s disease to contact their local Alzheimer’s Association for help, referrals, and processes involved in obtaining a correct diagnosis.

Could You Have Alzheimer's Disease?

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