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Having the will to stop drinking is not enough to start sobriety from alcoholic beverages but support from family and friends is also a way to prompt treatment for alcoholics. A majority of alcoholics need assistance to stop drinking together with treatment in order for them to rebuild their lives. Aside from friends and families, there are also various forms of group therapy or psychotherapy that can be used to deal with underlying psychological issues which are related to alcohol addiction. One of the most common ways of giving help for alcoholics is the mutual-help group-counseling approach. There are numerous organizations these days that are established to offer their services such as:

Alcoholics Anonymous

This is an online site that offers a 12 step program for the recovery of alcoholics while able to obtain helpful information about alcohol addiction from the site.

LifeRing Secular Recovery

This is an online support group for recovering alcoholics.

Rational Recovery

This is an online portal for addiction recovery including recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Smart Recovery

This is a free, non-religious, non-12 step self help group where one can obtain information in recovery from drug, alcohol and substance abuse or addiction.

Women For Sobriety

This is an online support group that is dedicated to help women overcome alcoholism and other forms of addiction.

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