Adjustment Disorder Treatments

(Also Known As: Situational Depression Treatments, Adjustment Reaction Disorder Treatments)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Kinds of Adjustment Disorder Treatments are Available?

While there is a question as to the necessity of treatment, since the symptoms of adjustment disorder are expected to pass on after six months, the person diagnosed may need help in coping with the stressors in order to regain normal functioning. Treatment may be necessary so that the symptoms will not worsen and the person’s occupational and social life will survive through the symptoms.

Suggested common treatments include brief individual, group, and family psychotherapy with periodic reassessments. The goal is first to alleviate the symptoms then to help the person develop the necessary coping skills. 6 The person needs to be able to identify and talk about the precipitating stressor(s) in order that the therapist can facilitate the person’s coping process. 7

Adjustment Disorder is usually not treated with biomedical methods (i.e. prescription drugs), however in extreme cases they may be used to bring the symptoms to tolerable levels—so that the person can utilize and develop effective and adequate coping skills.

Could You Have Adjustment Disorder?

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