Adjustment Disorder Symptoms

(Also Known As: Situational Depression Symptoms, Adjustment Reaction Disorder Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder?

Adjustment disorder can show up in various forms and often manifests mixed symptoms. The various symptoms include:

  • Depressed mood (loss of energy, drive or motivation, weeping, etc.)
  • Anxiety (worrying, nervousness)
  • Dysfunctional behaviors (aggressiveness, being harmful to others, truancy)
  • Impairment of normal functioning
  • Physical aches or distress
  • Feeling of inability to cope or feeling overwhelmed
  • Withdrawal from work, academics or social life

There are six types of adjustment disorders categorized according to their symptoms.

These are:

  • With Depressed Mood
  • With Anxiety
  • With Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood
  • With Disturbance of Conduct
  • With Mixed Disturbance Mood and Conduct
  • Unspecified. (May show symptoms such as mild physical ailments or complaints of unknown causes and sudden withdrawal from normal functioning.)4

Could You Have Adjustment Disorder?

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