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(Also Known As: Situational Depression Research, Adjustment Reaction Disorder Research)

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Adjustment Disorder and Suicide

Generally, adjustment disorder diagnoses are associated with suicidality. Some studies have found that adjustment disorder is linked with suicidality (i.e. suicidal attempts, ideation, etc) more than other psychological disorders. However, they also suggest that the suicidality in Adjustment Disorder is short-lived and may be triggered by the person’s personal crises. Only 2% of people diagnosed with adjustment disorder were found to have completed suicide. 8

Adjustment Disorder and Other Psychological Disorders

About 70% of adults with AD in medical settings are also diagnosed with other psychological disorders, such as personality, anxiety, affective, and substance abuse disorders. Forty percent of in-patients diagnosed with adjustment disorder were discharged with a different diagnosis, while only 18% of those originally diagnosed with adjustment disorder and who were re-hospitalized were given the same diagnosis. 9

More adults diagnosed with adjustment disorder were found to have substance use disorders compared to adolescents diagnosed with AD. It has been suggested in some studies that adjustment disorder may co-exist with other psychological disorders, such as personality and anxiety disorders, as these can affect the person’s personal vulnerability to life stressors.

Adjustment Disorder and Cancer

In relation to cancer patients who experience various stressors from the cancer diagnosis and/or the treatments undergone—studies have shown that among the 47% of cancer patients diagnosed with psychiatric disorders, 68% of them experienced adjustment disorders. 10

Embittered Adjustment Disorder

In 2005, an article by the Mayo Clinic revealed that some researchers have proposed a seventh subtype called “Adjustment Disorder with Embittered Mood”, characterized by feeling of injustice and thoughts of revenge after a stressful event. It is also characterized by obsessive thoughts about the stressful event and feelings of helplessness and self-blame. 11

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