Acute Stress Disorder Causes

(Also Known As: Anxiety Causes, Anxiety Disorder Causes, Anxiety Attack Causes, Acute Stress Reaction Causes, Acute Stress Syndrome Causes)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Causes Acute Stress Disorder?

Acute Stress Disorder is usually caused by the following factors:

  • Stressful event such as a death in the family
  • Serious injury
  • Physical violation
  • Fearful situations
  • Psychological trauma
  • Mental trauma
  • Natural disasters
  • Accidents

There are also some risk factors that can cause the occurrence of Acute Stress Disorder such as the following:

  • Age (younger individuals are more susceptible to Acute Stress Disorder because adults have more experience in dealing with different stressful events.)
  • Previous exposure to anxiety-causing stressful events can also increase the chance of Acute Stress Disorder recurrence.
  • Individuals with brain hormone level abnormalities are more likely to develop Acute Stress Disorder after exposure to stressful or traumatic events.
  • Individuals without a network of friends are more prone to develop a stress disorder.
  • Some people who are exposed to trauma often feel inappropriate responsibility for the traumatic event and perceive the situation as a punishment for their wrong doings. This increases the chances of Acute Stress Disorder.

Could You Have Acute Stress Disorder?

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